Sexual Abuse

Survivors of sexual abuse are deeply wounded by that abuse. The damage from sexual abuse can last a lifetime. Survivors often struggle with many issues. On top of dealing with the lingering pain of the abuse, their personal relationships suffer. They may self medicate with drugs and alcohol. A survivor’s ability to launch or continue a career can be significantly negatively impacted.

Doctors and counsellors are able to help with the healing. Morris Moore can help with financial compensation.

Morris Moore sues institutions, governments, churches, orphanages, foster care providers and the abusers themselves for compensation for survivors of abuse. We seek compensation for the following categories of losses, where appropriate:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of past income;
  • Loss of future income;
  • The cost of future care with counsellors or physicians;
  • The cost of residential substance abuse treatment centres; and in some cases,
  • Punitive damages.

It is not an easy road for survivors to begin a lawsuit. It takes courage and strength. Most survivors we have seen have courage and strength in spades. If you want to start this process, or even just ask us some questions, contact us.